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A reasonable standard of fitness is required for all our treks,

Adventure trekking and hiking in the Altai mountains, Khangai mountains, Terelj National Park, Gun-Galuut is wonderful.

although hiking in Central Mongolia along rough jeep tracks allows us to give vehicle support for those trips.

As you trek in Mongolia you will meet Mongolian nomads and enjoy camping in Mongolia.

Come and trek with us under the blue skies of Mongolia! Travel to Mongolia and take famous trekking tours of Mongolia!.

Distances vary from 10 - 25 km per day depending on the terrain.

Enthusiasts regard trekking as the best way to see nature.

Feel free to contact us to talk about your ideal trip for 2011.

In the Khovsgol region of northern Mongolia, hiking in the alpine peaks of the mountains beside the beautiful Lake Khovsgol is a challenging and wonderful experience.

In the meantime see our 2015 trips to get an idea of what we will be doing.

Kharkhiraa Hiking Trip and treks in Western Mongolia.

Khuiten" mountaineering tour to both professional and amateur climbers plus new mountaineering tours to.

Many beautiful places can only be reached overland by trekking.

Mongolia adventure trekking, trekking in Mongolia mountaineering, trekking expeditions to Mongolia.

Mongolia Expeditions - Trekking Tours, Mountaineering Tours, Mountain Biking Tours, Horse Riding Tours, Jeep Tours, Canoeing Tours.

Mongolia Expeditions offers its "Ultimate Mt. Khuiten

Mongolia Expeditions' trekking tours are mainly organized in the Altai Tavan Bogd mountain range, in Western Mongolia.

Mongolia hashed a lure for the traveler from time immemorial from those seeking salvation to the plain adventurous.

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Mongolia travel information and tour programmes with experienced guides.

Mongolia Trekking in the majestic Altai region by taking this exciting adventure trip.

Mongolia trekking is an unforgettable experience as Mongolia is a great place for hiking and trekking.

Most importantly, people need to be prepared for an extremely changeable climate (you may experience all four seasons in one day) and for wild camping conditions.

No description of this trek would do justice to the scenery that unfolds in front of your eyes.

Our hiking tours are a rich cultural experience.

Our trekking tours cover glaciers and peaks.

Plans for 2011 are now underway, and trip dates will be announced soon, via our newsletter.

Selena Travel organizes excellent Mongolia Trekking Adventures and Mountaineering in the majestic Altai mountains.

Selena Travel organizes soft adventure short hikes and moderate treks to the hard adventure mountain climbing, mountain trekking and real challenging Combined treks.

Some useful info about mountain trekking: The sport of trekking is not a modern fad but as old any other exploratory instincts know to mankind.

The remote snow capped peaks of Uvs province are the setting for a truly wild and adventurous trek in Western Mongolia.

The equipment is carried by pack horses from one valley to the next whilst the walkers hike over high passes and along the mountain ridges to meet at camp.

The Khangai mountains dominate the central provinces and are an excellent area for hiking in Mongolia.

The lush green valleys and rolling hills are home to many nomadic families, so this is a good place to combine a walking tour in Mongolia with a rich cultural experience.

The mountain folk have been doing it forever.

The wild flowers, dramatic views and lovely campsites make this a fine location for a trekking vacation.

There are no boundaries to trekking and age is no barrier, you are never too young and as old as you believe yourself to be.

Travel to Mongolia for a hiking trips and trekking tour vacation in Mongolia.

Trek along narrow winding trails with an abandon that comes only from knowing that the destination you seek will be beyond your expectations.

Trekking and hiking in Gun-Galuut nature reserve gives the wildlife lovers to view the rare and endangered wildlife from the closest distance.

Trekking in Mongolia is unique as it gives you the chance to explore the country's nomadic culture and meet the friendly nomads while enjoying the nature beauty.

Trekking in Mongolia: Adventure trekking at the majestic Altai Mountains of Mongolia.

Trekking in Mongolian Altai Mountains, Mongolia Trekking, Mountaineering and Adventure Trekking in Mongolia.

Trekking in Mongolian Altai Mountains is a lifetime experience with lots of adventures and wonderful memories.

Trekking in the wilderness apart from showing you some of the most amazing scenery that nature has bestowed upon us gives you the luxury of introspection and a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Trekking is one of the fundamental outdoor activities on which many others are based.

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Trekking over long distances or over difficult terrain does require some degree of physical ability and knowledge.

Volcanic areascreate exciting and varied scenery with river gorges, craters and unusual rock formations.

We have just finished another successful trekking season in Mongolia, our 16th year so far.

We invite you to our well organized Mongolia hiking trips and Mongolia trekking tours.

We use camels to carry our luggage and equipment as we hike over high mountain passes, impressive plateau and along spectacular river valleys of the Altai mountains.

Welcome to Mongolia Expeditions' premier website and source for trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, horseback riding and canoeing tours in Mongolia.

Welcome to the lands of infinite Mystique and unparalleled charm - Mongolia.