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The staff at trekking Mongolia

We are a group of young entrepreneurs organizing tours & trips in Mongolia. We love the countryside and extreme travel activities. Big trekkers yourself we started organizing treks and horse riding tours in Mongolia but very quickly we extended our activities to paragliding in Northern Mongolia, kite buggying & camel riding in the Gobi Desert and kayaking & canoeing on the Mongolian rivers.

Our team is supervised by Bernard, living and working in Mongolia since 1996. Bernard is also responsible for the correspondence. He's a sportsman who loves gliding sports such as alpine skiing, paragliding, kite buggying, sailing, canoeing, but who also does inline hockey and tennis. Very recently he tried kite surfing and is thinking of bringing over kite surfing equipment to Mongolia.

Our General Manager is Tuya. She's working in tourism since 1999 and being a sportswoman herself, has a wide experience in extreme travel. She started her career as a trekking guide.

For sighteeing tours we have our special Manager named Otgon, who knows every corner of Mongolia.

We have also trekking guides, cooks, drivers and many contacts in the countryside with nomads who supply us with pack animals used during the treks.

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